The Bliss of Blankness

I don’t know about you but I have finally realized that between the demands of being a mother, scheduling rehearsals, socializing, teaching, practicing, trying to eat healthy and spending quality time with my husband, I have to make a conscious effort to do just nothing. I just read Steven Pressfield’s blog “Do It Anyway” which I loved and also agree with. (Thank you Lane!) However, I am the type of person who is juggling 13 ideas in my head and strongly considering skipping lunch just so I can begin the 14th. Now I am not saying I finish all 14! (That’s a separate article in itself :). But I have actually started valuing “nothing time”.

When I stare at the ceiling, or the wall, or the backyard for no good reason I now trust that I am freeing my brain. I’m allowing the junk to spill out so that the good stuff, those things that I am affirming and meditating on, can come on in. And if I really allow myself to receive the bliss of blankness I will even be inspired towards the next, best step to actualize one of my many ideas.

A friend and mother of one of my daughter’s good friends recently summed this up by saying “a relaxed mind, is a creative mind”. So I am going to “do it anyway” but after I allow myself to stare at the ceiling for just a little while.


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I am a vocalist/songwriter and I would say my sound is Indie Jazz meets Afro Groove. I'm also a singing teacher and certified teacher of the
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