Endless Supply

Right now as gallons of oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico, we are faced with the many truths of what it means to have an endless supply. An endless supply of something which we don’t need coupled, with a sincere desire for a true necessity and simple pleasure.

Like many I often set myself up with an expectation for an endless supply of creativity, a well of captivating, funky and maybe brilliant songs. But even before I have finished one song, I am already onto two other could-be-compositions. I have now been witness to how great expectations can cause intimidation and lead to procrastination or at least a fear of finishing.

In my various notebooks I often make lists (to my husband’s amusement) of song titles as they come to me. Along with these song titles I include summarized concepts for a particular song. About a year ago I decided I wanted to write a song called “Endless Supply” about a system that seeks to get bigger and bigger while overlooking the pleasure and fulfillment in simple things. But today I think why don’t we all just pat ourselves on the back for our good intentions, steady focus and that one song that we did complete. Maybe we don’t want one billion songs, maybe we just want one hundred really great ones.


About pyengt

I am a vocalist/songwriter and I would say my sound is Indie Jazz meets Afro Groove. I'm also a singing teacher and certified teacher of the
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2 Responses to Endless Supply

  1. It’s good to hear other artists expressing fear of finishing projects, i feel like i have many conversations with colleagues where that comes up. and it seems to be one result caused by many different “symptoms”, be it perfectionism or a personal connection with the work that is hard to sever, or an anxiety about what’s next and whether the well from which we draw is bottomless……..in endless supply.

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