Bad Songs They Say…

I just got home from a chock full day of teaching, music networking/info  and just relaxing and I have to say if I had to write a song this very minute I feel like it would be pretty bad. I say that because I am exhausted and I have had this lingering, semi hunger headache since 3 or so hours ago. Anyhow, if I were asked to write a song right now I think it could be bad, but who’s to say ?

This evening ended sitting at the 12th Street Bar & Grille with a group of mostly singer/songwriters and music business folk talking about the mysteries of this industry. One of the women, an amazingly talented singer who performs near to 5-6 nights/week, had brought up her under-productive writing time. (Isn’t interesting that she didn’t affirm her OVERLY productive performing time, especially in a market like today’s?). She noted that the only time she connects to the cosmic song cloud is when she is packed up and heading out to her gig. Although she sets up everything the same. Stretching, incense, candlelight. It is still only warming up in the shower or as she double checks her gig bag for her microphone, that the most stellar melody arrives at her door. And that’s when I said “well, then write a bad song, write a really bad song”.

I know this feeling so well and many of us at the table all nodded to her cry for advice. But in the end what has helped me lately is just allowing myself to write on those allotted writing days or minutes. Writing days are a gift. So even if my “lizard brain” (as Lane refers to it) is trying to talk me out of furthering an idea (which it often does), I am trying to write the song anyway. So what if it’s “bad”…usually its not, just different than I expected.


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I am a vocalist/songwriter and I would say my sound is Indie Jazz meets Afro Groove. I'm also a singing teacher and certified teacher of the
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4 Responses to Bad Songs They Say…

  1. markweiss86 says:

    Fan of yours, friend of Alli Miller, also friends with Diana Arnspiger…

  2. AumRa says:

    Hi Pyeng,
    I hope you don’t mind me chiming in but this one was a bit too juicy to let pass.
    I happen to relate well to the “lizard brain” within. The way this primal hold-over manifest in my creative output is a reminder for me to maintain a healthy balance between the cerebral and the automatic.

    • pyengt says:

      Yes, it seems like there always needs to be a balance when it comes to creating. How do you create a way of being disciplined and being open to receive new ideas and focus those ideas? Sometimes when you’re in a flow tho it seems like you don’t need to “think” at all, all you have to do is follow or keep at it. I think the trickiest thing is carving out the time on a regular basis.

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