1000 Gold Inner Grooves

1000 Gold Hula Hoops

A week ago I was teaching young, children how to sing and dance at Young Players Theater Camp and the night before last the child in me was reminded to…shall I say “work it!” ? An old friend of mine organized a going away party at an art installation in Chelsea with two various sculptures configured by 1000 gold hula hoops. It has been a long time, in my humble opinion, since the perfect ingredients have been piled together to create a great dance party…not a grinding party or a “lets get wasted” party but lets really have fun and just move. The music was great (gasp!). Songs that actually ignited the listener’s dancing strings (with or without intoxication). There was ample space (being on a rooftop), clever video footage (in case the hairdos and faces weren’t enough), free liquor, red velvet cupcakes, and those golden hula hoops to set everything straight…or not…straight.

So one by one a hoop would be liberated for free hips, arms, necks, what-have-you until at least 1/2 of the party was figuring out how to dance to Fela and keep their hoop going at the same time.

I just have to mention that they still felt nothing like my snakeskin hula hoop from NYAHH but I was more than psyched for the challenge. And at the end of the day (actually the next morning) when I picked up my daughter from her sleepover, she still had more sizzle in her hoopin style than any of the grown ups at that party. But what would we would do without the reminder to let loose our inner child even for a night?


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I am a vocalist/songwriter and I would say my sound is Indie Jazz meets Afro Groove. I'm also a singing teacher and certified teacher of the
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