The Art of Travel

Has anyone written or read this book? I will certainly be first in line when it comes out in paper back. I am living proof of having no contact with this information. Despite touring and the global map printed on the notebook I am wriitng in, I feel like my family missed a few steps today. I think that like everything else even traveling takes practice.

Both my husband and I grew up with frequent and distinclty different experiences in international travel. His experience was a childhood steeped in all things Austria with retuns to the States every summer and mine was traveling alongside my touring mother when she danced with the Urban Bush Women. But this morning it occured to me (a little late) to ask my husband did he take into consideration our international flying status when arranging our car pick up and he replid ¨no¨.

Up until this point I had happily relinquished all reservations to him, while my daughter and I took over the packing. (Mind you, in the past we have had to purchase multiple plane tickets because of my husband mis-selecting dates or times). So why I would relinquish all itinerary details to him is a bit questionable. Plus I am the queen of lists. Yet I still forgot to write

¨Leave 3 hours before flight time…regardless of what Nikolai says!¨

So it is true¨practice makes perfect¨.


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