Sing The Winter Blues Away

Although we have passed the caroling season, the cold is still with us. And for many people there is a direct relationship between sunlight, degrees and our mood. In addition, flu season is constantly sneaking in ways to weaken our immune systems. One of my oldest and closest friends used to always say “…it’s the weather”. My advice for anyone who gets the winter blues, frequent colds or overall sluggishness is to sing!

We speak of singing uplifting the heart and thereby our mood. Sometimes this occurs because we love the music or love to sing but sometimes it is physical. Singing brings more oxygen into your body which in turn makes you feel more alert (often more happy) and oxygen gives you more energy. With diminished time outdoors it’s important to continue to keep our respiratory systems energized (or flowing with chi as the Eastern medics would say). So sing for fun and receive the benefits of improving your instrument and your health. Sometimes you can use the blues to your advantage…and in more ways than one.


About pyengt

I am a vocalist/songwriter and I would say my sound is Indie Jazz meets Afro Groove. I'm also a singing teacher and certified teacher of the
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